• Outside Diameter

    21,3 mm (1/2”) ~ 88,9 mm (3”)
  • Wall Thickness

    2,00 mm ~7,10 mm
  • Length

    5,00 – 18,30 m.*

Standard length is 6 meters*

Product Standards & Material Qualities

Standards Quality Outside Diameter
EN 10255+A1 S195T  

EN 10217-1

P195 GR1-GR2, P235 GR1-GR2, P265 GR1-GR2  1/2"-3" (21.3 mm -88,9mm)

EN 10217-2

P195 GR1-GR2, P235 GR1-GR2, P265 GR1-GR2  
ASTM A53 - ASTM A795 GrA, GrB  

Galvanization Standards

EN 10240, ASTM A53, EN 914, EN ISO 1461 (BS 729), NFA 49-700, UNI 5745, SI 103

Superior Qualities of Borusan SRM Black Installation Pipes

• Easy to process.
• Save time; easy to shape. No crushing, cross-section contraction, folding, and fracturing forms while bending the pipe.
• Corrosion resistant: No Battery Effect Corrosion thanks to its homogenous composition. It is more rot-resistant and longer lasting than standard installation pipes.
• Lime scale-resistant inner surface: Excellent welding seam. No lime scale thanks to burr-free pipe inner surface.
• Europe’s choice: Thanks to its high standards, Borusan SRM is exported to European countries for years thanks to its high standards.
• Yields excellent results in non-water installation (coil, spiral resistance, cone spinning, diameter flaring, etc.) industrial productions.

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