Company General Info Form-11072024 Executive Committee Member Appointments 2024 Q2 Financial Calendar - 08072024 Notification Regarding Issue of Capital Market Instrument - 02072024 The Company Information Form 28062024 The Disclosure Regarding the Merger of Borusan Holding A.Ş 28062024 Determination of Board Committee Memberships-14062024 Corporate Governance Information Form Update-14062024 The Registration of the Independent Audit Company-12062024 Ordinary General Assembly Registration-12062024 Assignment of Tasks to Board Members- 30052024 Company Information Form-30052024 The Approval of the Independent Audit Company- 27052024 Ordinary General Assembly Dividend Distribution Result-27052024 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting Result- 27052024 Forward Looking Evaluations 1Q24 General Assembly Information Document-30042024 General Assembly Meeting Invitation-30042024 Ordinary General Assembly-30042024 BoD Independent Member Candidate List, Resumes, and Declarations of Independence-30042024 BoD Resolution Regarding Dividend Distribution-30042024 Submission of the Independent Audit Company to the General Assembly for Approval-30042024 2024 Q1 Financial Calendar 16042024 About the Implementation of Inflation Accounting 02042024 Coupon Payment of the Bond 02042024 Corporate Governance Information Form Update 25032024 Capital Markets Board Application for Independent Board Members About Investments in Romania and the USA 2023 Sustainability Principles Compliance Report Company Information Form 08032024 Corporate Governance Information Form 2023 Forward Looking Evaluations - 01032024 Announcement Regarding Financial Calendar - 16022024 Announcement Regarding Investor Relations Department and Appointment of Corporate Governance Committee Member - 15022024 Non-current Asset Sale Announcement Regarding Inflation Accounting - 26012024 Resolution on Collective Labor Agreement and Withdrawal of Strike Decision - 18012024 Announcement Regarding Strike Decision - 12012024 1. Coupon Payment of the Bond With ISIN Code TRSBRSNE2415 - 02012024