These pipes are double longitudinal welded line pipes with an outer diameter of 24” (610 mm) to 60” (1,524 mm) and a wall thickness of 1.5” (38 mm) to withstand the lowest temperatures in arctic environments and extreme pressures in ultra-deep ocean applications. It is produced in lengths up to 24 m (80 ft) with the connection.

We supply standard products as well as unique products for many applications.

As an economical gas and oil transportation solution, we offer a wide range of customized products. Pipes manufactured according to international standards (API, CSA, EN, ISO) and specifications (NACE, DNV) or customer specifications.


  • • High strength up to X80 / L555 
  • • Sour service up to X70 / L485
  • • Heavy wall up to 1.5”
  • • Pipe length up to 80’/24m (double jointing)