Precautions of COVID-19 Period


Precautions of COVID-19 Period

Borusan Mannesmann has kept on producing, and adding value in the domestic economy even throughout COVID-19 Period in order to turn the wheels of the industrial sector as constituting the backbone of Turkish economy. Our Company has resumed its productions healthily by way of taking a series of precautions within the frame of Borusan Group's basic principles of "I Protect My Employees, I Protect My Business, I Protect My Stakeholders" in this period.


  • Having been composed of the Execution Board Members, HR, Occupational Health and Safety, Corporate Communications, Health Unit, and Factory Directors, "COVID-19 Crisis Management Groups" have been organized in all our Companies, and Emergency Plan, Case Action Plans, and Risk Assessments have been prepared in line with the directions of these groups.



  • While those employees of ours, who are able to carry on their activities remotely, have been transferred to home-working model, among our employees serving at our production facilities, those who fall within sensitive risk group due to having chronic diseases have gone on leave, and the ratio of a group working at our work sites has thereby been reduced.


  • Information and applications that are consistent with the data of the Ministry of Health attained regarding the COVID-19 pandemic have been submitted to the attention of our employees via SMS, digital screen, poster, etc. for raising their awareness in this respect even before any case was detected in our country. Besides, similar awareness-raising has been attempted among the families by way of preparing and sending hygiene kits to the homes of our employees for the use of them and their family members. While conducting a one-on-one follow-up of our employees via phone, preventive health practices have been raised to the highest level.


  • Digital communication with our employees has been raised to the highest level. Alongside the periodic shares of the Company Leader, further shares have been and are being conducted by the mediation of the Company Doctors and Psychologists.


  • The highest level of hygiene protocol has been put into operation throughout all the common areas of our Companies, including the offices, production sites, meeting rooms, etc., and the frequency of the disinfection and ventilation filter cleanings has been increased. Production sites and offices have begun to be ventilated by a natural method at certain intervals. While special ozone disinfection is applied at the general areas, shuttles, and company vehicles, disinfection works are conducted regularly at each change of shift.


  • New arrangements have been made at the offices and resting areas throughout the workplaces in order to maintain social distance between the employees.


  • Employees that come via the company vehicles/shuttles, or their personal vehicles, as well as the incoming guests, are undergone temperature-measuring via contact-less devices at the factory entrances.


  • It has been made obligatory for all the employees to use surgical masks at the shuttles and the production sites. While a certain number of surgical masks have begun to be distributed daily to our employees, coordination has been organized for meeting the additional needs from the station points. Waste mask bins have been placed in all areas for the secure disposal of the surgical masks.


  • Dry-cleaning services procured externally for maintaining the hygiene of the work uniforms kept at the lockers, as well as the provision of extra uniforms to the employees in cases of necessity that have been re-arranged.


  • Frequency of cleaning the offices, production sites, and that of the spots with frequent hand contacts (doorknobs, handrails, meeting rooms, WCs, etc.) have been re-arranged.


Transportation Precautions


  • Single and cross-seating order has been implemented at the shuttles in consideration of maintaining social distance. While the shift hours have been re-arranged, the number of shuttle trips have been increased, and the number of persons being transported in each shuttle has thereby been reduced. It has been made obligatory for both the drivers and all the passengers to wear surgical masks inside the shuttles during their travels. While all the team is distributed with masks on a daily basis, it has also been made obligatory to use hand disinfectant in the shuttles.


Common Area Precautions


  • Having put single-use items, such as packed drinking water, napkins, salt, etc. into use at the dining halls, infection risk has thereby been reduced to the minimum. Having changed the dining hours of the employees, the number of employees using the dining halls concurrently has thereby been reduced.


  • Alongside the markings that determine the social distance for the rows at the dining halls, surface contacts have been reduced to the minimum by way of putting the card-pressing system into operation instead of the fingerprint-readers. The risk of violating the social distance rule at the entrances and exits has been lowered by way of putting additional gates to use.


Digital Applications


  • Different mobile applications and barcode-reading systems have been put to the use of our employees in our Companies in order to minimize the risk of infection and to isolate our contacted employees rapidly in the occurrence of a potential case.




  • The new working orders we have implemented, as well as the precautions we have taken in our Companies as from the occurrence of the first case, have been submitted to the attention of all our stakeholders.


  • Alongside the aforementioned notifications, we keep on informing all our stakeholders in this respect periodically.




  • While all the visits to our offices and facilities from outside have been postponed, critical visits have begun to be performed within the frame of HSE protocols.


  • All meetings with the customers, suppliers, and third parties have been conveyed to the digital environment until the next decision to be taken in this respect. All Company organizations and activities with large attendance have been postponed.