Mechtalks Outlined The Roadmap For Sustainability In The Building Industry

The second of the MechTalks series of events hosted by the Turkish Society of HVAC&Sanitary Engineers (TTMD), Mechanical Contractors' Association (MTMD), and Borusan Mannesmann, a Borusan Group Company, was held on November 24, 2022, at Istanbul Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuruçeşme. The event, which focused on sustainability in the building industry, shared measures and technologies to reduce carbon emissions in buildings and suggestions on the steps the industry should take.


The second meeting of the MechTalks events, which focused on sustainability in the building industry, was held on November 24, 2022, at Istanbul Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuruçeşme in cooperation with TTMD, MTMD, and Borusan Mannesmann. In four sessions where the sustainable transformation of the industry was discussed, industry professionals shared essential tips on the sustainability journey with their findings and suggestions for today and the future.


Commenting on the second meeting of MechTalks, which consisted of "Climate Crisis and Management Technologies," "Zero Energy Building Management," "Low Delta T Syndrome," and "Good Practices" sessions organized with the participation of the Platinum Sponsors of the event, Meriç Sapçı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TTMD, said: "We prepare these events under the name of MechTalks both to strengthen our sectoral unity and to increase professional knowledge sharing. In the second of our MechTalks event series, we have brought up essential topics that we have learned about for us, engineers working in the building industry, to be more proactive in the use of 'Correct, Clean, Safe and Efficient Energy,' since the climate crisis is the biggest problem of humanity in the coming period. MechTalks, which I believe will be one of the most important information and idea-sharing platforms of our industry, will continue to open different doors to all participants with new meetings." 

Hüseyin Erdem, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MTMD, said, "With our business expertise, we have important know-how to prevent the climate crisis, which is one of the world's biggest problems. I think it is essential to unleashing more of this knowledge. MechTalks will move our industry forward with its guest speakers and the topics it chooses." 


Oğuzhan Kuşçuoğlu, Deputy General Manager of Borusan Mannesmann, who stated that MechTalks was launched to address the transformation of the building industry on the axis of sustainability and to create an agenda in the sector, said: "For the sustainability of the world, we understand that the full integration of renewable energy into different processes has become a necessity beyond a desire or a willingness. We see that there are many steps we need to take regarding energy efficiency, new practices, and technologies to ensure energy efficiency or sustainability in general. Moreover, the information and suggestions at MechTalks showed us that we could achieve valuable gains if all stakeholders took a firm stand. After the first one, we created new excitement among our business network and stakeholders with our second MechTalks event. I hope this excitement becomes a transformative force and continues to inspire everyone who follows our event."


Borusan and Sustainability

Borusan Holding and its group companies consider sustainability as the cornerstone of their business processes and address it inclusively, carrying out their activities in the focus areas of climate, people, and innovation. It sees sustainability as a stakeholder-based structuring and works to produce "benefit" for all life by incorporating nature into business processes.