Borusan Mannesmann signature worth USD 173 million

Borusan Mannesmann prepares to add a new one to the major line pipe supply projects it launched in the United States in recent years.


The company undertook a project that aimed to bring through new pipelines the gas extracted in the Permian natural gas fields in Texas to Corpus Christi on the Atlantic seaboard, and bring the US natural gas to international markets.


The section of the project to be undertaken by Borusan Mannesmann will be 368 kilometers long. The contract value of the project will be USD173 million. All of the 42” pipes required for the project will be manufactured at the Borusan Mannesmann Gemlik plant, which has one of the world’s foremost state-of-the-art spiral pipe production facilities. Shipment of the pipes is set to start in 2018.


In a statement he made on the issue, Borusan Mannesmann General Manager Zafer Atabey said:


“Borusan Mannesmann has become a world-renowned and sought-after brand across many fields of the steel pipe industry, particularly pipelines. Borusan Mannesmann is currently the only manufacturer in Türkiye qualified to sell spiral welded line pipes in the United States. Over the last three years, we showed performed spectacularly in prestigious and high tonnage line pipe projects, and became an appreciated brand. For the first time in the world, we smoothly concluded the exports and shipment of 24.5m line pipes from an overseas country to the United States and Mexico, with lengths 445km and 120km, respectively. Therefore, it came as no surprise to us to see that we were granted such a project that requires expertise and reliability for line security, and which matters significantly for the US economy. The new project is the biggest ever awarded to Borusan Mannesmann in terms of tonnage and contract value. And we are pleased and proud to have undertaken such a project. As an international Turkish brand in steel pipes, we will once again represent our country in the best way possible. Borusan resists to the increasing attempts of protectionism in the global trade, which have reached considerable dimensions, continuing to export added value energy pipes to the world’s most prestigious projects and to contribute in the Turkish economy. It will carry on with its efforts with resolve and determination.”