Social Responsibility

We invest for the future...

Each individual is responsible primarily for themselves, then to the environment and society. As Borusan Mannesmann family; we take measures, in a manner of sharing with society, ethically, responsibly, developing and protecting the benefits of society.

As a company adopting social responsibility as a corporate culture; we create Social Responsibility Projects deriving from the environmental and social needs of the society. We invest for the future by promoting the projects that contributes to the country and society.

Educational Support

As being a part of Borusan Group; we, Borusan Mannesmann, fulfill our social duties, and support raising the standards of educational quality. We maintain our efforts in the improvement of education and educational institutions since the 1960's.

  • 8 schools have been built in Kocaeli and donated to The Ministry of Education.
  • The classrooms and lodging that are in Gölcük Yazlık Village, Gölcük Şirinköy school, Akmeşe Road Karaabdülbaki, and Gölcük Hamidiye Village; the classrooms I and the village schools in Gebze and İzmit have been built.
  • 7. Pipe Elementary School in Kocaeli-Şirintepe, 8.Pipe Elementary School in İzmit-Seymen has been built. The necessities of the schools like the computer and science labs, as well as the chairs and seats have been provided.
  • A science lab has been provided for Kavaklı Elementary School.
  • Pipes have been provided for the Pilot Village Project which is organized by the Governor of Kocaeli and Gendarmerie Command.
  • Financial support has been provided and the irrigation lines have been built for the Forest Plantation Area in Kocaeli University.
  • Boiler pipes have been provided for Kocaeli Körfez Industrial Vocational High School.
  • Pipes and profiles have been provided for educational purposes in Kocaeli Atatürk Industrial Vocational High School.
  • Financial support has been provided for Kocaeli Karamürsel Gazanfer Bilge School of the Hearing Impaired.
  • Support has been provided for the project of building two student dormitories and an academy building, with other companies of the Borusan Group which is an enterprise of Borusan Kocabıyık Foundation (link). In that same perspective, major support has been given to Uludağ University – Asım Kocabıyık Industrial Vocational High School.
  • Borusan Elementary School has been built in Gemlik.
  • Gemlik Cultural Center has been built.
  • A Chemistry Lab has been donated to Gemlik Anatolian High School.
  • Restoration and remodeling of The Sport Center in Gemlik High School have been provided.
  • Workshop equipments have been provided for Gemlik Industrial Vocational High School.
  • A library has been provided for Türkali Primary School in Sinop.
  • Pipes, computers and other equipment has been donated to numerous schools.

Environmental Support

As Borusan Mannesmann; we create eco-friendly projects with Volunteers Ocean Platform which allows us to share our corporate and individual knowledge, skills, and background with society. In the latest project called 'Acorn Project', with contributions from the Corporate Volunteer Association, The Turkish Foundation of Combating Soil Erosion for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats, Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association and with the kids from Bolluca Kids Village, we, as Borusan Mannesmann family participated in it.

  • With "School Friendly Project", awareness studies have been practiced with elementary school students on various topics like environment, culture, arts and vocational matters, in schools close-range to our companies.
  • Civil society initiatives have been taken regarding business life, urban living, culture, and arts aimed for the scholarship students of the Borusan Kocabıyık Foundation.