Lean Transformation

A systematic transformation in all functions of the company...

Lean Transformation is an operational, cultural, and managerial alteration process, initiated with the motto of 'people first' in order to reduce total 'time of flow' in all our operations, from management to production, logistics, and sales, by the removal of sources of waste that add no value for our customers.

Operation: Manner of business / Culture: Mentality and behavior / Management: Leadership quality.

Common objectives and propagation to the base... "Transformation is the business of everyone"

Lean Transformation can only be achieved with a conscious participation of all employees of the company and with the ability of acting together towards a common goal.

Manage the change, evaluate the progress... "How lean are we?"

With the determination and support of management, our goal in the lean transformation journey is; an organization of learning, team work - problem solving, standard work, visual management - 5S, accurate quality, autonomous management, continuous flow and pull system, lean organization, lean supportive processes, product-process improvement and continuously increasing our 'lean improvement level' in the area of value chain management.

Strategic Improvement Management...

"Where are we? Where are we heading? Where do we want to be? How will we get there?"

Lean Transformation requires; a 'continuous improvement' approach towards balanced goals, aligned with people, quality, speed of delivery, cost awareness in all our processes.

Goals communicated from above to below, and improvement based actions - from below to above, are determined by mutual agreement. Actions are evaluated and their effects on improvement are watched weekly - monthly, in the management cockpit meetings. Hourly-daily active management is aimed along with team structure that forms the backbone of lean organization; the goal is to solve the problems in a way that will not be repeated by the team itself. Furthermore, it is supported with a comprehensive improvement plan of competence.

Continuous Improvement Approach... "Plan, Do, Check, Act" (PDCA Cycle)

"If the results are positive, standardize the operation / if not, return to the beginning and plan another solution."

The first condition of continuous improvement is to standardize our operation processes and manner of business.

Lean Approach... Problem solving attitude, battle against waste and disorder...

  • Distinguishing values and waste.
  • Not getting involved in business that adds no value to the customer and reducing the time spent for it.
  • Focusing on reducing the time of flow.
  • Attaining the flow of the product without any delay in between the processes, bringing processes closer together.
  • Managing the speed of supply and information in accordance with the speed of flow of customer demand.
  • Distributing the demand on schedule correctly, not working/producing without demand.
  • Being flawless in business from the start.
  • Reducing the variables.
  • Removing the principle reasons of the problems.
  • Making on site observations and investigations. (go, see, understand)
  • Improving multi-dimensional skills of employees.
  • Improving skills for fast problem solving (PDCA)

Goals: Zero work accident, being on time and flawless from the start...

How? 5S, Kaizen, continuous flow with the pull principle, autonomous team structure, battle against 8 waste...

Results: Decreased cost and stocks, speed and flexibility, improvement in the speed of cash flow...